Jason King Published at The Nature Of Cities

“Each site we design, as landscape architects, is an opportunity to increase biodiversity as it works in the local bioregion and bolsters local goals, which collectively contribute to tackling that wicked global problem of biodiversity loss.”


The Nature of Cities Global Roundtable gives Landscape Architects a chance to interpret the word “biodiversity” and discuss how it relates and takes root in their design and work.

“Biodiversity,” according to GreenWorks Landscape Architect and Associate Principal Jason King in his recent essay, “is one of those rare words landscape architects should use often, and with confidence to describe a unique value our profession can add to the world.” More than a buzzword, with applications at both local and global levels, “biodiversity can be a key ingredient in green infrastructure, such as the shift from sedum-specific to more biodiverse green roofs, which amplify what we’re currently doing with a great focus on biodiversity.”

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