GreenWorks Welcomes Landscape Designer Nadja Quiroz


We are excited to welcome landscape designer Nadja Quiroz to GreenWorks! Nadja is a recent graduate of University of Oregon’s Master of Landscape Architecture program with an interdisciplinary background focused on ecology and environmental issues. Her work is driven by a curiosity for what influences our relationship to the environment, and a desire to repair that relationship.

Nadja comes to GreenWorks with an excitement for public projects—specifically green infrastructural projects, learning and/or play environments, and parks—because of their wide impact on the community. She loves the synergy of collaboration and is skilled at facilitating public involvement, drawing on years of experience working as a peer counselor and youth mentor.

A former ISA-certified arborist and tree inspector with a love of hiking, botanizing, pruning, and foraging for mushrooms, Nadja brings GreenWorks valuable knowledge of trees and plants.

When Nadja’s not working, you might find her making greeting cards, playing board games, or exploring her urban habitat on the hunt for quirky gems, rainbows, and 80s kitsch.