Fly Through Port of Vancouver's Terminal 1 Design with GreenWorks

The GreenWorks team, along with Graham Baba Architects and project stakeholders, has been hard at work developing Port of Vancouver Terminal 1’s preferred alternative for marketplace and landscape design. This animated virtual walk-through gives us all a sense of what this incredible space will one-day become.

GreenWorks is working with the Port of Vancouver on the conceptual design of Terminal 1—an industrial waterfront space in Vancouver, WA being revitalized for economic and social development. As visualization and design technology continues to evolve and advance, communities and stakeholders have the opportunity to experience design concepts in a digitally-rich environment. Software like Lumion (a program that integrates with SketchUp to provide real-time renderings) offers our designers both challenges and exciting opportunities to continue expanding and refining their skill sets to provide our clients with the best possible results.