GreenWorks Receives Julian Prize for Sustainability in Public Works

GreenWorks recently received the Julian Prize for Demonstrating Sustainability in Public Works based on their development guidelines work for the Clean Water Services Low Impact Development (LID) Approaches Handbook.

“The award recognizes individuals, practices or projects that showcase the role of public works in furthering the principles of sustainability. The awards are intended to recognize systems thinking, long term design practices, and infrastructure systems that sustain society. The awards are intended to further APWA’s purpose of education and recognition of excellence.” – APWA Oregon Chapter

GreenWorks worked with Clean Water Services to complement and update their current design and construction standards. The Handbook encourages the use of and simplifies the application of low impact development approaches that improve water quality and attenuate stormwater flows for the Tualatin River Watershed. GreenWorks created a series of easy-to-read sketches and fact sheets that clearly show what current LID applications look like and how best to apply them through illustrative diagrams, explanatory text and photographs.