Silver Falls Nature Play Area Breaks Ground!

Silver Falls State Park has been taking advantage of the nice weather the last few weeks and they have begun to clear, and grade the natural play areas and interpretive path. With the help of the county inmate work crew and a few dedicated volunteers they have transplanted many native plants, cleared 5 play areas and ¼ of a mile loop trail. Park staff will spend some of their time this winter fabricating play components, signage and interpretive elements for installation next spring and summer. In hard economic times creativity can help get a project completed. Oregon Park and Recreation Staff have been work with a Marion County Inmate Crew to implement the first stages to the project. Koin Local 6 was on site last week to check in on the crew’s progress. You can see their story and video footage here.

The park is looking for parks volunteers to help finish the construction. There are opportunities for artists, scout troops, families and other citizens with a range of skills. Let us know if you are interested in helping construct this nature based play area. We can find a task that meets your skills and commitment level.

You should be able to enjoy the nature play area starting in the summer of 2011.