GreenWorks Bike To Work Challenge 2013


Biking is fun. Biking is cool. Biking is the most energy efficient form of transportation ever invented. These are just some of the reasons why GreenWorkers commute to and from work by bike. Every September, we participate in the Bike Commute Challenge, and this year we had great turnout. Our team stats included 126 trips by bike, and 1041 commute miles for the month. GreenWorks finished this year with 36.1% ridership.

To keep things exciting, we also hold a friendly internal competition. There are three categories up for grabs. “Most Days Biked” and “Most Trips” didn’t have a clear winner in these two categories this year, so the prizes were awarded to the top two riders with a 100% commute rate, Derek Sergison and Briana Danner. “Most Miles Biked” was awarded to Alex Perove (401 miles). Congrats GreenWorkers for all of the miles put in and pedaling through the rain during this year’s challenge!

Photo from left to right: Derek Sergison, Jeff Boggess, Alex Perove, Shawn Kummer, Briana Danner, Andrea Cameron, Wes Shoger, Ben Johnson

Here is a link to a fun website that lists 60+ benefits of bicycling…now hop on your bike and get to work!